The Laboratory for Theatre Research and Technology (LThRT) aims at supporting the teaching and research needs of all subjects of the School of Drama and other Schools of AUTH on issues related to the performance as an object of theoretical approach and as a field of artistic applications. At the same time, LThRT it aims at an “extra muros” presence of the School, cultivating its extroversion towards the society and the research community. This goal is served in two ways: first, through the electronic diffusion of the material of the academic research work and its results; secondly, through artistic works that are shown publicly, utilizing the educational and the research procedure on diverse subjects of the Studies Program, in collaboration with cultural institutions in Greece and abroad.

Until today, LThRT has developed a major theoretical research project articulated in two separate activities, two scenography research projects as well as a series of theatrical performances, exhibitions and educational projects, organized in collaboration with various cultural institutions, utilizing the educational and research work of the artistic directions of the Theater Department.

Finally, LThRT regularly, and indeed very successfully, participates in the great scenography exhibition Prague Quadrennial.

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