An important part of the activities of the LThRT is the presentation of extra mural theatrical productions and exhibitions of the School of Drama and the AUTH. The aim of this activity is to reinforce the extroversion of the School and to produce artistic work leveraging on the educational and research process of its Curriculum in cooperation with social and political institutions in Greece and abroad.


The School of Drama participated in the event BIGDAY GOLDONI organized by the National Theatre of Northern Greece with an installation which used paper as its basic material.

The installation was the outcome of the course ‘Stage Props’, taught by Olympia Sideridou.

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Bitola Masks Exhibition

Έκθεση μάσκας στην Μπίτολα, στο πλαίσιο του ευρωπαϊκού προγράμματος «Interacting through Acting: From drama to contemporary arts-InterAct», GREECE – THE FORMER YOGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA IPA CROSS-BORDER PROGRAMME 2007-2013.

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Songs About the Days That Are Already Here

The production was the result of the collaboration of the Stage Design and Musical Theatre classes, and included songs from the junk opera by Tiger Lillies Shockheaded Peter. The opera was based on the first illustrated children’s book history, Heinrich Hoffmann’s Shockheaded Peter (1845), which was presented for the first time in 1998 at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, directed by Julian Crouch and Phelim McDermott.

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“And I love you madly…”

LthRT and the Municipal Theatre of Serres presented a performance titled “And I love you madly…” at the ancient theatre of Filippi on July 2010. The performance was based on poems and drawings by the Greek surrealist poet and painter Nikos Eggonopoulos. During the performance, students constructed in situ set and costume design objects, in the presence of the public.

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Yorgos Himonas’ Hamlet

On July 2010, LThRT, in collaboration with Filippi-Kavala & Thassos Festival and the Kanigunda Group presented at the Kavala Castle Shakespeare’s Hamlet, at the translation by Yorgos Himonas. This performance was the result of a collaboration between a University School and a professional theatre group.

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Lunch at Tellogleion

During the period December 20th 2004 to April 10th 2005, the School of Drama curated the thematic exhibition titled Lunch at the Tellogleion Museum. The students participated with drawings, models and constructions based on A. R. Gurney’s play the Dining Room, and with the performance Marriages of the Petty Bourgeoisie, a performance that resulted from the collaboration of the specializations of Acting (instructor Nikos Armaos) and Stage Setting (instructor Apostolos Vettas).

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