The School of Drama, Faculty of Fine Arts, AUTH welcomes the incoming ERASMUS students and exerts all possible efforts to make their study period fruitful and productive.
The international students should be aware that the courses at the School of Drama are taught in Greek. An English summary of the curriculum and a list of the courses taught can be found here.

The incoming students have the following study options:
• they can enroll in a practical course (Costume and Set Design, Directing, Dance, Music etc), with mandatory attendance.
• they can enroll in a theoretical course and write a paper in English, after consulting with a faculty member, who will recommend a reading list in English, of material available at AUTH libraries and give an assignment in English.

In both cases, the incoming students have to contact the faculty members whose classes they want to attend. Also, they can contact the ERASMUS Coordinator of the School of Drama, currently Tatiana Liani (, and discuss the possibilities of their study program.

    • Currently, the School of Drama holds ERASMUS agreements with the following institutions:

    • The Academic Calendar in the Greek universities is divided in two semesters, Winter and Spring. In the School of Drama the Winter and Spring semesters run roughly from October 10th to January 20th and from February 20th to May 31st, respectively. Each semester lasts 13 weeks. The exam periods last for three weeks following the end of each semester.

    • Greek language courses for LLP/ERASMUS students: the incoming students have to attend a 2-week intensive course in Modern Greek offered for free by the School of Modern Greek Language at AUTH (
      The language course is designed so that the students acquire the necessary basic language skills to deal with everyday life. In addition to that the School familiarizes the students with aspects of Greek culture and helps them to adapt to Greek society.

      Details on the admission and registration process, student benefits, the Modern Greek Language School etc. can be found at the website of the Department of European Educational Programmes

    • Before arrival the incoming students are advised to check the information available at and apply at: (“My application”).

      Upon arrival all incoming students have to register at the Erasmus Office (Main Administration Building, contact person Ms. Nikoletta Kapnizou. Tel.: +30 2310 995166) where they will obtain the “Certificate for the Admission as an Exchange student”.

      Registration at the School of Drama (Egnatia str. 122): to complete the registration the students need two photographs and the “Certificate for the admission as a LLP/Erasmus student” issued by the Erasmus Office of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

      The School’s Administrator will provide the incoming students with:
      1. a student identification card “passo”, which permits access to libraries, the student dining hall, as well as reduced fares on public transportation, theaters etc.
      2. The non-EU students will receive a medical care booklet, which provides access to public medical care facilities.
      3. The EU students, who have the European Health Card, have access to the medical care facilities of IKA, the largest Social Security Organisation in Greece and/or to public hospitals.

    • Cost of Living: the estimated cost of living amounts to a minimum of 600€ per month (including accommodation, utilities, food and transportation).

      The University Student Club ( houses the student restaurant and a number of other facilities. It is located at Nea Egnatia & 3rd September Street. During the academic year, the student restaurant offers two free meals per day (lunch and dinner). To get access to the student club, incoming students have to apply at the Meals Service of the University Students’ Club, providing the “Certificate for the admission as a LLP/Erasmus student” obtained by the Erasmus Office, their student identification card “passo” and one photograph. (Information at +30 2310 992612, e-mail:

      The two Foreign Student Hostels available to incoming students are located in:
      • 7 K. Matsis street, 40 Ekklisies
      • 134 Kassandrou street
      The residences are within walking distance from the Campus and from the School of Drama facilities.
      The incoming students interested in university accommodation have to submit the housing application form (
      The deadlines are June 30th for the autumn and Nov.30th for the spring semester, respectively. The applicants will receive information on the room availability about a week prior to their arrival. The room will be available starting on the arrival date indicated in the application form.
      Also, the students have the possibility to rent a private studio or apartment, which could be shared with other students. The utilities (electricity, water, telephone) usually are not included in the rent.

      The University Gymnasium ( operates from September to June. For more information on getting access to the University Gymnasium please write to

      A.U.TH. Camping facilities
      During the summer, students can use the A.U.TH. camping facilities at Poseidi in Chalkidiki.

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