Olympia Sideridou

Olympia Sideridou

Olympia Sideridou was born in Thessaloniki and studied at the School of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1988-1995). She specialized in puppet and mask making. She participated in the 1991 Biennale of Venice for Young Architects. Since 1992 she works as a stage designer and costume maker in the theater.
Since 2005 she teaches at the School of Drama puppet and mask making and also specific technical constructions.




Theatrical performances that she worked for:

“The person, the beast and the virtue” (Theatrical team of Municipality of Ilion) 2012
“Dance me to the end of Greece #2” (Geni Tzami (mosque) of Thessaloniki) 2012
“History of the cat that learned in a gull how to fly” (DIPETHE of Agrinio) 2011
“Cain’s marks” with the Team Southerner of Saddle (Theatre of New World) 2011
“Dance me to the end of Greece #1” (Epigraphic Museum of Athens) 2011
“Mideia of Mpost” (Open theatre of Ilion) 2011
“Fairy tale without name” (Open theatre of Ilion) 2010
“The Employee” (Alekton) 2010
“Mandragora” (Theatre of New World) 2008
“The name of RO” (Experimental Scene of Art-theatre Amalia) 2007-2008
“From the ten commands “You shall not steal” and “You shall not commit adultery” – (E΄ period National Theatre-Experimental Scene of Art) 2007
“The Beast and the Beautiful” (National Theatre of Northern Greece) 2006-2007
“Berlin-Tel Aviv number of flight 1933-2005” (Theatre of Art – Karolos Koun) 2005
“The other death of Joan of Lorraine” (Theatre Metaksourgio) 2004-2005
“The Jew” (Theatre Metaksourgio in 2003, Theatre of Street in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens and the Olympic Games Committee, in the frames of cultural acts (dromena) for Olympic Games of Athens 2004
“Nicaragua – Incident 315” (Theatre of New World-[Michanourgio]) 2003
“The Noah family” (Experimental Scene of Art-theatre Amalia) 2003
“Personal agreement” (Theatre of Art) 2003
“I walk to the Forest” (Experimental Scene of Art and Festival Grenoble) 2002
“Hear what he says” (in current Becket with the theatrical organism Prozes-theatre of Alekton) 2002
“The tooth of crime” (National Theatre of Northern Greece) 2002
“Princess Tito and I” (Theatre of reason-festival Tripoli) 2001
“Commotion” (Theatre of Municipality of Kozani) 2000
“Travel in Brazil” (Theatre of Municipality of Stauroupolis) 2000
“Clown Noses” (Experimental Scene of Art and festival Lyon) 1999
“Mother Courage” (Experimental Scene of Art) 1999
“The fable (myth) of Atreidon” 1999
“Mideia” (Intellectual Centre of Municipality Stayroupolis) in 1999
“The marsh is always there” (Theatre of Municipality of Veroia) 1998
“Petit bourgeois Marriages” (Intellectual Centre of Municipality of Stauroupolis) 1998
“Simigdalenios” (New Theatre) 1998
“Kyrani of Forest” (Experimental Scene of Art) 1997
“Foreigner Authors in Thessaloniki” (Organization Cultural Capital Thessaloniki) 1997
“The lost person of Flora Nisim” (Organization Cultural Capital Thessaloniki) 1997
“I walk to the Forest” (Theatre of Municipality of Veroia) 1997
“Fables of Aesop and Fairy tales of East” (Experimental Scene of Art) 1995
“Nutcracker” in 1992 (Dance team of Vicky Sianou) 1992

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