Aliki Symeonaki


She has graduated from the School of Philology (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Faculty of Philosophy) with specializations in Classics, and carried on her postgraduate studies on the same domain. Her MA thesis was named “Directory problem on Aeschylus’ Agamemnon”. During her postgraduate studies she attended lessons of Medieval and Modern Greek Studies (University of Amsterdam).

Her Phd thesis «Poetry as Creative Writing in Secondary Education» (University of West Macedonia) focuses on teaching the art of poetry to secondary students and introduces an evolutional procedure through invented creative writing drills as well as ones adjusted to Greek literature. Additionally the thesis presents a new approach to teaching literature, which can assist in the study of human creativity and the potential poetic capacity of the youngsters.

She has worked in the Department of Library Science (Technological Institute of Education – Thessaloniki) for two years teaching Ancient Greek Literature. Subsequently, she had the honor of teaching in the Public Secondary Education for several years (1998-2017). In 2017 she was transferred from Secondary Education to the School of Drama (Faculty of Fine Arts at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

In 2015 the Institute of Educational Policy (Ministry of Education, Research and Religious affairs) assigned the instruction of the Curriculum for the lesson of Creative Writing in the secondary Art Schools of the country (for the Theatre and Cinematography specialization) and asked for her contribution in creating the Teachers Handbook. She also coordinated the writing group for creating the Handbook of Creative Writing for all educational grades on behalf of the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture (2012). During the period 2010-2012 she lectured to postgraduate creative writing students (University of West Macedonia). She has published several scientific articles relevant to the Creative Writing domain and also Educational research in Greek and foreign publications, and has taken part in conferences and academic meetings. She has also carried out many teacher-training activities both in Greece and Cyprus.

Along with her specialty in creative poetry writing, she has been particularly interested in combining creative writing with the theatre (Article: Creative Wring and Theatre –Theatrical writing and Creativity). She took part in the Organizing and Scientific Comission for Teachers’ training in the combination of Creative Writing and Theatre, whereas she has attended several educational Drama seminars in Greece and Southampton.

For a period of five years (2012-2017) she was responsible for the Creative Writing Club of 1st Experimental Lyceum “Manolis Andronikos” through which 75 student awards were won in Literature Competitions. Students also brought on stage theatrical texts written in class. She was also a member of in the Organizing and Scientific Comission for the 1st students’ Creative Writing Competition in memorial of the poet and academic professor Mimis Souliotis (2014) and also for the 2nd students’ Creative Writing Competition in memorial of the poet G. Vafopoulos (2015).





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